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Thank you for your interest in a position on Sealion ships. Please note that we do not expect to have any vacancies for any rank until possibly 2018. Please complete the application process carefully. A progress bar will keep you informed on your progress. After completing each page you have the option to proceed, go back, or to save so you can return to complete later at this stage if you wish. When you have finished the whole application you can either save it, if you wish to return and edit later, or you can click on 'Apply' to submit the completed form. You will be sent an email confirming we have received the application. Only apply once as multiple applications are deleted automatically. We will be notified of your application and will contact you if we get a suitable vacancy. Once you have registered and submitted your application you should not do it again unless there has been a substantial change in your details. You can log in again and change the relevant information. We will be notified of the new details.

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